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Apply deep execution capability and influence to assure
initiatives and leaders fully deliver expected results.



The role you play of  guiding others into an emerging future can be among the most exhilarating, demanding, and frustrating positions inside any organization.

Your are likely in the process of defining solutions to some of the company’s most critical and urgent priorities. The work team is expected to deliver expected value on time, on budget, and with as little organizational disruption, as possible.

Often this requires an understanding of how to use persuasion and influence to change people’s behavior, one of most underdeveloped capabilities in a professional’s repertoire. They are challenging to develop without support, as few disciplines cover it in their curricula. The Center has helped numerous professionals like you address that gap.

An additional challenge is that leadership does not always possess the ‘execution acumen’ and skills to effectively lead change in their areas, making your role as a coach even more vital to achieving outcomes.

We help mid-senior level professionals like you to reach new levels of capability by applying powerful influence and engagement techniques that dramatically enhance personal effectiveness, the ability to develop your leaders, and drive results to the bottom line.

Starting wherever you are today (based upon a comprehensive online assessment), we’ll help you 1) pinpoint the highest leverage skills you need to develop, 2) examine all aspects of your project execution cycle to understand areas of opportunity, 3) assess your audience’s execution skill needs (including sponsors) to deliver on current priorities, and 4) assure a consistent and fully integrated approach to building execution capabilities that fully realize business results.

By leveraging CSR’s expertise, you’ll be able to:

  • Accelerate project results, consistently achieve tough goals, and position yourself in a more strategic role.
  • Effectively coach leaders on how to sponsor and execute change.
  • Develop a reputation for building relationships that help executives achieve what they say they want.
  • Overcome personal agendas; navigate the inevitable politics of change with less risk.
  • Communicate and influence skillfully to break down barriers and reduce friction.
  • Formulate powerful questions that create insights and bring  important issues to the surface for resolution.
  • Develop the gravitas that is essential to be taken seriously and address difficult behavior.
  • Facilitate persuasive conversations that move people to action.




Strategic Engagement Skills

Professionals leading major business initiatives know from experience that influencing executives and employees to adjust to a fast-changing environment is the key to getting results.

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Strategic Engagement Skills for HR

HR Professionals guiding clients through the people side of major business initiatives know from experience that influencing executives and employees to adjust to a fast-changing environment is the key to getting results.

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Certificate in Change Leadership Coaching

Deepen in-house change experience among a small cadre of professionals.

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We work with:

Cross-Functional Professionals Leading Change:

  • Business Project Leads
  • Operational Excellence
  • Change Managers
  • HR Business Partners
  • Organization Development
  • PMO/Project Management
  • Strategy Office Team
  • Communications Leads

…and others.